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Nobody is truly representing the people

Lately, the American working class got punched in the face too many times. The so-called “left” was completely helpless and suffered many defeats. Bernie Sanders failed, again. The unemployment rate is the highest ever. There is a big housing crisis. An economic depression is coming. And in the middle of all that, all of the “Progressives” voted for the biggest corporate bailout in history. On the mainstream political spectrum, nobody is actually representing the people. I repeat, nobody.

Essentially, there is only one party

The key reason why the left is being kicked out of the political discourse is the system. Under this neoliberal plutocracy, there is no real political pluralism, there is only one party which is divided into two sections to make an illusion of a democracy. “Divide et impera” – meaning divide and rule – is a strategy used to control and rule over a population, it originates from ancient Rome and is now used by the American Empire. This means that the government ignites conflicts between the people – in the current situation mostly social issues – so that they can rule more easily and without rebellions. If the people fight between themselves over non-important issues, they are too weak to even consider rebelling against the government. Explanation:

There are two main parties – the Democrats and the Republicans, of course, there are also others like the Green Party but they have no power at all and zero chance of getting it. The Democrats are supposed to represent liberals and the Republicans conservatives. They may fight about social issues, but as far as the economy is concerned, they essentially agree and only argue about non-important details, just for the show. The record of who voted for/against the important economic bills proves that. Both parties 100% support capitalism, corporatism, imperialism, and neocolonialism. Some care about the ethnic minorities, the LGBT community, and feminism, but besides that, nothing sets them apart.

There are only the Democratic Party and the Republican Party in the real game. Nobody from a third party has ever been elected president and other parties are forced to be irrelevant. Maybe one of the most obvious signs that nobody really represents the “plebeians” are the ideologies of the two mainstream parties.  There are liberalism (neoliberalism) and (neo)conservatism but no socialism. In history, the political spectrum was always divided into three main ideologies: socialism – representing the working class, liberalism – representing the bourgeoisie (capitalists), and conservatism – representing the aristocracy (the nobles). To be clear, by socialists I don’t mean the modern definition of the ideology, but the broader term which stood for all of the left ideologies. Though they had some conflicts, liberals and conservatives almost always allied themselves against the socialists, thus preventing them from having political power.

Although it’s not the same today, the situation is comparable. The Democrats/liberals and the Republicans/conservatives managed to form such a strong allegiance that hijacked democracy, alienated the real left & working class and gave them all the power. The voice of the working people isn’t heard, it’s not represented – it’s suppressed.

Such a situation is not a democracy, it’s more of an aristocracy, a plutocracy or even a dictatorship of the corporations who have control over everything important.

Bernie Sanders and the Progressives failed

In recent years, the more left-leaning Democrats formed a so-called Progressive movement. In the beginning, it seemed somewhat promising, but it failed almost completely. They were supposed to be fighting for a public healthcare system (Medicare for All), free college and student debt relief, an economic reform to tackle climate change (Green New Deal), and getting money out of politics. It was all dandy in theory and rhetoric, but in practice, the movement failed as they didn’t solve even one of the main issues of their manifest. The senators, congressmen, and congresswomen who were elected as progressive candidates moved more and more to the right and – apart from their rhetoric – they almost completely adopted the corporate ideology and became ordinary corrupt Democrats.

The leader of the Progressive movement was and for now still is Bernie Sanders. He became famous in 2016 after an inspiring campaign when he almost got the Democratic nomination which Hillary Clinton stole from him. Among many, I hoped he learned enough from that experience and would play differently now. He disappointed us all and choose the same road again, consciously or not. He didn’t point out the corruptness of the whole system, he didn’t point out that his biggest rival has dementia, and – the most important – he didn’t use his supporters enough. It’s not even a surprise that he was defeated again, he made things too easy for the establishment. He had enough people behind him to be able to organize mass strikes and protests against the establishment, but he just jelled about policies. That is not enough and will never be enough to break this corrupt system.

The Progressives are in fact just another tool of the ruling elites

The Progressives satisfy the people with their fancy rhetoric and bragging about giving crumbs to the people. They manage to enforce some really bad and non-sufficient policies that only slightly improve the situation of the proletariat, they also shout and argue with even more corrupt politicians, thus presenting themselves as reformers and revolutionaries – representatives of the people.

In normal circumstances, when there is no crisis, this works. Crumbs for the people to survive, and free money to the corporations. The Progressives satisfy the working class just enough so they don’t protest and rebel. In fact, they are a tool which helps the elites to control the situation. They are still a part of the system, a very important part because without them it wouldn’t work. The Progressives are de facto the enemies of the working class. They aren’t on our side, they’re just more emphatic subjects of the neoliberal regime. Essentially, they prevent real change and support the system under which the proletariat suffers immensely.

The current system only works in “normal” conditions

Neoliberalism only works in normal conditions. Now an economic depression is coming and things will start to fall apart. The rate of unemployment is record high, people can’t pay rent, and thousands are still dying because they don’t get the right medical treatment. This is just the tip of the iceberg… If things progress as the situation is developing now, soon survival will be the main issue for many.

The situation is similar to the Great Depression at the end of the 1920s. After the Golden Twenties, a time of high economic growth, the market crashed and the US fell into an economic depression which affected almost the whole world. Many people lost their jobs and became homeless, the situation was desperate. After president Hoover’s non-intervention economy politics failed massively, Franklin Delano Roosevelt became president. With his New Deal, he overcame the crisis and consequently saved capitalism. If the there were no drastic reforms, the system would have crashed.

Only a real revolution would change things for the better

Right now we are in the beginning stages of a global depression. I think that it’s highly possible that people’s survival could become endangered at some point. If/when that happens, the system could collapse, again. Sooner or later “enough will really be enough”. What matters the most is how the proletariat and the political left will react. FDR carried out drastic reforms that saved capitalism and enabled its rise for future decades. In a weird way, it is fascinating that it was able to last this long. Until now, there were some small crashes, but it wasn’t endangered. Now, after almost 100 years, capitalism is collapsing again and the question is, how are the people going to react.

Will someone become the next FDR or will a revolution end the age of capitalism? What would be better and what would the consequence of each decision be?

I’ll be answering these questions in my next article.

Coronavirus could kill more people than World War 2 in the USA

Do you know how many US citizens died in the second world war? Do you know the number of casualties for the Great War? Even if you don’t, you probably assume these numbers are really high. And although a lot of countries had even more casualties, they are indeed high.

Now, what would be your reaction if I told you that the coronavirus pandemic could kill more people in the US than both world wars combined? You would probably say I’m going crazy because of the quarantine or that I’m just exaggerating. Well, I’ll try to convince you that I’m not exaggerating.

Casualties of World War 1 and World War 2

Over 100,000 American soldiers died in the Great War (World War 1). Over 400,000 American soldiers died in World War 2. The number of US casualties for both wars isn’t the highest of them all but it also isn’t the lowest. For a better comparison, I’m also adding in the chart some other modern catastrophes which affected the US. The date in the chart represents only the deaths of US citizens.

How many people will most likely die because of coronavirus in the US?

You must have read a lot of articles and researches that argue that 100,000 to 200,000 could die. I think those numbers aren’t showing the real picture and are just posted by mainstream media to calm people down. Studies and projections which are predicting those numbers all considered preventive measures and restrictions. Reality is different. Trump isn’t doing a lot more than talking at press conferences, people are still working and the virus is spreading. In other words, the curve is not being flattened.

A lot of facts that were considered in the optimistic projections (100,000-200,000 casualties) are actually just the opposite in the current situation. Doctors and nurses don’t have the right protective equipment. There is a big shortage of protective equipment for civilians and volunteers. There are not enough tests which means that the people who are spreading the virus aren’t being tracked and properly isolated. Respirators and hospital beds are also lacking massively. I could go on and on…

Based on these facts, more people will probably get infected in a shorter period of time than the mainstream projections show. Consequently, there is a big possibility that far more people will die than it is projected. Some argue that there could even be more than 2 million casualties in the end. I believe that number isn’t exaggerated because of the current situation which is very bad. Some extra explanation:

Around 330 million people are living in the US right now. The vaccine isn’t coming soon – it’s predicted that we’ll have to wait for it for at least a year. Until a vaccine is developed, the virus will keep spreading. Because the US is one of the worst countries in the world in preventing the spreading, it will most probably spread massively. If almost everyone gets infected eventually and the actual death rate is 1% – that means that 3 million people could die. Since not every single person will get infected, 2 million casualties seems a reasonable prediction. If restrictive measures would be enforced in the future or/and the country would get a new supply of all the things that are lacking right now, the number could drop to 1 million. Does this make sense to you? Many people doubt such catastrophic predictions, so I’ll explain probably the most controversial statement in this paragraph: “How come the whole country could get infected as that didn’t happen for example in China?”

Most of the countries that are dealing with the pandemic right now are using a strategy called “flattening the curve”. That means that you try to slow the spread of the virus with strict restrictive and preventive measures. You actually flatten the curve of the spread of the virus but you don’t stop it. This strategy is used to keep the number of active cases under the capacities of the health system – this means that everyone should get infected but not all people at once – so that everyone could get treatment. You could argue how effective that is, but both most of European countries and the USA are using this strategy. On the contrary, China didn’t just flatten the curve, they almost completely stopped the spreading of the virus. They managed to do that with very strict supervision of their citizens – something the US and a lot of other countries can’t do, either because of ethical concerns or/and because of the lack of surveillance infrastructure.

Various projections show that the coronavirus pandemic could kill more people in the US than both world wars did

Even if the pessimistic projections are false and there will be fewer casualties, the numbers would still be comparable to both world wars. When I first realized that, I was really surprised and also terrified. Although the USA didn’t have the most casualties of both world wars, it is still a very sad fact that a pandemic will probably kill more people than the two most bloody wars in history. What is making it even worse is the fact that the pandemic could be prevented or at least controlled, but of course, it wasn’t…

My final question is, have I convinced you? I hope I did, but I also hope that I'm wrong and too pessimistic. If I'm wrong and fewer people will die it would make me far happier than if my prediction is correct.

If you want to add anything or just comment on this article,  feel free to leave a comment down below. 

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